Restorative IFS and Polyvagal Healing and Connecting Retreats

Healing and Connecting Retreat

Therapy Northwest offer two retreats, 3 day and 6 day. They are particularly suited to individuals with some experience of IFS and participants are often therapists, practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists. The retreats offer a restorative space for all parts.

Each offer an intensive healing experience, combining Internal Family Systems Therapy, Polyvagal theory, Compassion Focused Therapy and body work with holistic approaches to healing trauma.

Retreats are offered within beautiful surroundings in the UK. Non residential retreats will have accommodation options within walking distance. Residential retreats offer you a private room within shared accommodation with your small group in stunning countryside.

There is a maximum of 12 individuals per retreat to provide a high ratio of psychologists and other practitioners to provide a highly individualised experience, offering a balance of group experience and individual internal exploration.

  • A retreat where all parts of you are welcome
  • Opportunities to explore and map your internal system
  • Body focused practices to access safety, connection and self compassion.
  • A unique opportunity to try the safe and sound protocol
  • Deeper inner work held by the compassion and safety of the facilitators and broader group each day
  • Exploration and healing of experiences of shame
  • Deepen your understanding of patterns that show up in your internal and external life which are barriers to a life more fulfilling and joyful.
  • Multiple opportunities to practice ways to anchor the body into the energy of safety, compassion and connection with both the self and others.
  • Leave the retreat with many practices to continue to enjoy in your daily life
  • Craniosacral Therapy to support your healing (where available)
  • Yoga – led by experienced teachers
  • Breathwork (where available)
  • Optional follow up consultation for further integration

*Now taking bookings for 2023*

These retreats will be led by Dr Zandra Bamford, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Certified IFS Therapist with many years experience working with trauma within a deeply compassionate and holistic approach, and supported by Dr Maria Kaltsi, a Clinical Psychologist trained in a variety of modalities, including IFS, bringing great gentleness, care and body focused practices to this experience for your healing. We also collaborate with Yoga Therapists, Craniosacral Therapists, trauma specialists and energy healers to provide sessions for a full mind, body, spirit experience.  

April 2023 retreat:

Arriving Saturday 22nd April, departing Tuesday evening on the 25th April. We are delighted to house this at the stunning Rydal Hall Estate, with en-suite bedrooms, full board, dedicated beautiful communal spaces for our practices and gardens set in 30 acres, at the very heart of the English Lake District, a World Heritage Site.

*fully booked*

June 2023 Lancashire retreat:

These are non residential retreats for individuals with some familiarity with IFS (an intro workshop is offered included in the retreat price). The 3 days will be held in nature, on a floating conference centre at Brockholes, set in 250 acres of nature reserve in Lancashire. Therapy NorthWest is committed to only using facilities that are green and sustainable and this space has won awards for its emphasis on sustainability and environmental performance. The building floats on a lake surrounded by beautiful countryside, perfect for our purposes. The energy in this space is calming, nourishing and we will be making full use of the surrounding grounds to facilitate our connection and healing intentions. 

11th, 12th, 13th June *fully booked*

25th, 26th, 27th June – *fully booked*

You can sign up to receive information about future retreats as they are released on our contact page.

IFS retreat in Lancaster 2022


“The IFS Retreat was a wonderfully enriching experience for me and allowed attention to my personal needs as well as my professional curiosity. I felt that genuine healing occurred at the level of mind, body and spirit and opened the door to deeper understanding of myself and a clearer vision for my life. The space and group experience felt very safe and I really enjoyed spending time with like-minded others. It was joyous and fun with lots of laughter, as well as being emotionally impactful. I would highly recommend to all therapists.” 

Dr Mel Lee, Clinical Psychologist, CAT Practitioner, EMDR Therapist and IFS Therapist, Managing Director, Trust Psychology Ltd.

“Despite not knowing quite what to expect, this retreat exceeded all of my hopes and wishes. Everything from the venue, the facilitators, the group, to the food were all second to none and contributed to what was an incredibly powerful, connecting and healing experience. I cannot recommend Zandra, Maria and the Rewilding space enough

Adele, Clinical Psychologist

“This was a relaxing and life enhancing retreat skilfully and gently facilitated by the staff”

I left the retreat with a general sense that all was well with the world; that at the heart of it, there is something deep that connects us all that is fundamentally healing. It felt thoroughly therapeutic. The facilitators created the most calming, safe, playful, open and authentic context for the group to flourish. I was blown away by the healing power of IFS and feel so grateful to have experienced this gorgeous retreat. 

The food was exquisite, the location was wholesome and surrounded by wild and beautiful nature. On top of immersion in IFS, we had the opportunity to experience other healing and body-based therapies (craniosacral therapy, a sound bath, restorative yoga, and a range of exercises aimed at toning the vagus nerve). The facilitators had planned a programme for the mind, body and soul and gently adjusted the plans based on the ebb and flow of how the group naturally developed and what it needed at each stage. I felt genuinely nurtured. All my parts are so grateful for the beautiful Self-energy generated by this experience. Thank you!

“I’m fairly new to IFS but feel such a strong connection with it, so when the opportunity to attend this retreat came to me, I instantly had to book on. There were some anxious and petrified parts – they soon felt at ease when they were welcomed, along with all my parts to the retreat.

The location was perfect and the timetable felt a great balance of IFS practise as well as other practises that complemented each other nicely. There was plenty of time for self reflection and time to connect with nature and the others on the retreat. The food was just amazing too!

I could have stayed there longer and feel that the more familiar I get with IFS and the practise, the more I will get from attending these retreats. I will certainly be looking forward to book onto more and maybe next time for a longer period!! 

Thank you Zandra, Maria, and all the other practitioners as well as all those who attended the retreat too, in creating such a safe and nurturing place for me to explore my internal family system more

Dr Jenny Nam, Counselling Psychologist

When I signed up for the retreat I didn’t really know what I was expecting but the whole experience truly exceeded any expectations I was holding on to. The experience I had over the 4 days is something I will hold on for many years to come, maybe even forever. Such a welcoming and holding space. As a group I feel that we all felt able to be authentic and vulnerable, all our parts were truly welcome. Zandra and Maria’s facilitation was so gentle, respectful and nurturing. I think I need this in my life at least once a year!!!


This retreat was everything I needed and more. The location was stunning and was therapeutic in and of itself. The facilitators are the loveliest people you could meet. Their warmth and compassion was present throughout and we all felt safe and contained. The 3 days were a fabulous mixture of body and IFS focused activities. I have learned a lot about IFS and my need to explore my own parts further. I enjoyed everyone’s company and learned so much from everyone’s experiences. I didn’t want to leave and would love to return another year, if that’s possible.
Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful opportunity.

Sarah, Clinical Psychologist


“The retreat was very enjoyable and nourishing on many different levels. Zandra created a safe, loving and nurturing space and I would definitely book up again”.

Kathy, Psychotherapist and Counsellor

I went to the retreat not knowing what to expect but knowing that this is what I needed to do for both personal and professional reasons. The retreat exceeded all of my expectations. Zandra and Maria provided such a beautiful and safe space. The retreat was a wonderful mix of IFS in action and other healing activities such as a sound bath and yoga. I have recommended the retreat with Zandra and Maria to my colleagues and friends and I will be booking another retreat in the future – it was just what my parts needed! 
Natasha, Clinical Psychologist


Thank you for a wonderfully restorative and nourishing experience. The location was stunning, and the facilitators created a safe, containing space for some genuinely transformative exploration of self. I came away professionally and personally inspired. Thank you.


So gentle, welcoming and nurturing. As someone who tends to find it hard to be vulnerable I felt truly held.


The retreat was an extremely special experience -which felt incredibly nurturing and safe. Extremely generous and skilled facilitators who provided just the right balance of ‘work’ and ‘play’.
Yvonne, Satori Counselling Services


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