Healing Trauma Retreats

Therapy Northwest offer two retreats, 3 day and 6 day.

Each offer an intensive healing experience, combining Internal Family Systems Therapy, Polyvagal theory, Compassion Focused Therapy and body work with holistic approaches to healing trauma.

Retreats are offered within beautiful surroundings in Lancashire, North West UK, these retreats are residential, offering you a private room within shared accommodation with your small group in stunning Lancashire countryside.

Therapy Northwest now also offers retreats from your own home, connecting with others, participating in practices and healing work online from your own living space.

There is a maximum of 9 individuals per retreat to provide a high ratio of psychologists and other practitioners to provide a highly individualised experience, offering a balance of group experience and individual internal exploration.

Each individual will have a minimum of one hour consultation before full registration to ensure this is the right experience for you.

Please use the contact form or email for further information and to register your interest in our next retreat, in person or online.

  • A retreat where all parts of you are welcome
  • Opportunities to explore and map your internal system
  • Body focused practices to access safety, connection and self compassion.
  • A unique opportunity to complete the safe and sound protocol (6 day retreat only)
  • Deeper inner work held by the compassion and safety of the facilitators and broader group each day
  • Exploration and healing of experiences of shame
  • Deepen your understanding of patterns that show up in your internal and external life which are barriers to a life more fulfilling and joyful.
  • Multiple opportunities to practice ways to anchor the body into the energy of safety, compassion and connection with both the self and others.
  • Optional group evening experiences
  • Leave the retreat with many practices to continue to enjoy in your daily life
  • Follow up consultation to support your ongoing integration after the retreat

*Now taking bookings for 2022*